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Hebrew School

New Springville Jewish Center Hebrew school meets on Sunday mornings. The Hebrew School can accommodate all levels and ages. Time, age, and subject can be adjusted to suit your child's needs.

Our Hebrew School teacher is Miss Bracha Dick. She is beloved by students for the warmth and excitement she imparts to her classes.

There is no fee for the Hebrew School.

Click here to contact us about the Hebrew School.


Bar/ Bat Mitzva Lessons

The rabbinical staff at New Springville Jewish Center is available to provide Bar Mitzva lesson for your child. Whether your son wants to read from the torah, the Haftara, or just be called to the Torah, one-on-one lessons are available.

Advanced lessons, on Jewish living, history, and philosophy, are also available for the enterprising student.

There is no fee for the lessons.

Click here contact us about Bar/ Bat Mitzva Lessons.


Marriage Education

Marriage Education is an essential part of preparing for your future together. Young couples who have taken classes enjoy significant increase in their marital harmony and bliss. Our marriage classes combine ancient Jewish wisdom with modern research and literature on the subject.

Our marriage classes are taught by certified professionals.

Classes are available for engaged couples, young couples, older couples, and individuals. Classes for men are taught by men; classes for women are taught by women.

Classes are available for marriage wisdom, counseling and halachic training.

Many Rabbis require marriage education as a prerequisite to officiating at a wedding.

Click here contact us about Marriage Education


Learn Hebrew

Looking to learn to read or speak Hebrew? NSJC provides occasional Read-Hebrew crash courses.

One-on-one classes are also available free of charge.

Click here to contact us about learning Hebrew.


One-On-One Learning

The rabbinical staff is available to provide individual lessons on any topic in Judaism. Contact us to arrange a class that suits your schedule and interests.

Click here to contact us about One-On-One Learning.

Weekly Classes

The following is a sample of weekly scheduled classes at New Springville Jewish Center. Check often for the latest classes and offerings!



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