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Mishna Yomit with Rabbi Berk

       We have all heard of Daf Yomi. This is a wonderful program where a person commits to learn one page of Gemarah daily. After a little more than 7 years, the entire Talmud is completed. At the Siyum Hashas - the illustrious celebration that is made in commemoration of completing the entire Talmud - there are always leading Rabbis who laud the achievement of doing any type of learning on a daily basis. 

       This Shabbos December 25th marks the beginning of a new cycle of learning Mishnayos daily.This program is referred to as Mishna Yomis. One who learns two mishnayos a day will complete the entire six orders of the Mishna, in a little less than 6 years. The learning of Mishna is less difficult than Gemarah but in no way less gratifying.


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