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Rabbi Nate Segal,


     Rabbi Nate Segal founded the New Springville Jewish Center in 1982 and continues to lead it to this day. Rabbi Segal, a graduate and close talmid of Yeshiva Chaim Berlin, grew up in the Rabbinate, as his father, Rabbi Zev Segal, was the Rabbi of one of the largest Young Israel's in the United States in Newark, New Jersey.

     Rabbi Segal is a visionary leader, having initated over 100 Shuls and projects across the United States, placing over 300 Rabbis in positions of leadership and education around the country. Our Rabbi continues to lead NSJC alongside his work as head of Torah Umesorah's Division of Community Development. He is revered for his caring for every Jew, as he and his wife, Rebbetzin Babbi Segal, provide comfort and assistance for the numerous needs locally and beyond.


Mr. Robert Hecht,


Mr. Robert Hecht has served as president of NSJC for 12 years. Son of Romanian immigrant holocaust survivor, Mr. Hecht emigrated to the United States as a child, and was raised in New York City. Mr. Hecht is the CEO and founder of Westshore Lighting in Staten Island.

Marylin Sprecher,

Sisterhood President


Matt Fishbaum



Board of Trustees

Naomi Bausch

Avi Cohen

Saul Cohen

Freddy Fernandez

Jan Goldberg

Sonny Golden

Robert Greenberg

Richard Hill

Albert Kissous

Lisa Pere

Harry Roth

Yossi Rubin

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